Qatar International Art Festival 2023 / EXPO DOHA 2023

I was happy to be a part of Qatar International Art Festival 2023 that took place in Expo Doha 2023 from the 20th – 26th of November. I had a chance to exhibit my two artworks: Art Basel 2020 and Art Basel 2030: Installation “Fast fish”.

The theme of the Festival was the Environment & Sustainability. The Science of “ART” towards sustainability and Environmental Responsibility.


When we speak about the Environment and the need to protect and preserve it, we usually address to people in general. We, ordinary people, are often blamed for consuming too much. They say that we live in the age of excessive consumerism. They say (Keynes Law) that demand creates its own supply. But in today’s reality it’s quite the opposite. Big companies are practicing aggressive marketing to inspire us to consume more and more products. Products that we usually don’t even need, or products that are not durable, or low quality. That is understandable from the point of view of the businesses (big companies). They operate on a highly competitive capitalist market. Their main goal is to gain more profit and lower their expenses. And it’s not rare that while trying to lower their production expenses they do not give enough attention to the environment and the need to protect it.  They put their profits above the well-being of local communities and the environment. However, the end consumer i.e. us, ordinary people are taking all the blame.

As an example, the world’s largest mining company, Rio Tinto caused a considerable environmental damage in many countries. They continue to engage in environmentally destructive practices. And the recent initiatives and projects of the company to mine lithium in Serbia faced significant opposition. The proposed mine would destroy forests and endangered species in the area, cause harm to the local ecosystem.

These two paintings show how big companies operate and they are shown here as big fish who eat little fish (smaller companies). A famous work (the engraving on copper) by Pieter Bruegel «Big fish eat little fish» is in the center. We all know that the year 2020 was tough for many people and businesses, especially small and medium companies. The consequences are comparable to the ones of economic crises. However, some lose (little fish), others gain (big fish). Many companies went bankrupt, were acquired by bigger companies and investment firms.



By 2030 we are supposed to be living in a different economic system, called inclusive capitalism – capitalism that works for everyone equally. However, the officials and the ideologists of the inclusive capitalism, they say that in the end only fast fish will survive. Meaning that those who are adapting fast in the new economic system. But in nature, fast fish are the most vicious predators, like black marlin, like sailfish, mako shark.


With these two paintings I want to show that big companies are the ones who have to take responsibility for preserving and protecting the environment. And they have all the necessary resources for that, if only they stop putting profits above the environment and people’s well-being.