How I find ideas for paintings

How I find ideas for paintings

Once at an art fair I got asked why I choose to paint American politicians. I actually get puzzled sometimes when I hear the question “WHY?”. It sounds like a threat to me haha and all you want to answer is: “Why not?!” or “What so American in Rothschild or Queen Elizabeth?” 🙂 But you have to talk about your art and explain in a very polite and artistic way what inspired you to paint them. I actually have no idea whatsoever. I remember one day I woke up and thought to myself: “Why not to paint Kissinger, Soros, the Rothschild ..”

Maria Petroff art "Epoque"

Maria Petroff oil art painting renovation plan

And then another question follows: “Where are the Russian politicians? Or you get executed if you dare to paint Putin.” I wasn’t ready for that question but should have expected it taking into account all this western media hysteria about the evil Russians. So I was about to say that “I was not 100% happy with the Russian government, but it’s not with you that I was going to discuss it.” But changed my mind not wanting to sound like a zombie brainwashed patriot. And said that the “Russian edition” paintings are in progress. That’s how new ideas and paintings are born. I read a book, I have discussions, I listen to daily news, go to sleep, wake up with new ideas. There are tons of ideas in my head and only 24h in a day, and so many politicians are yet to paint. 🙂

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