Oil on canvas — Casanova

60 x 40 cm

The painting of Dan Bilzerian as Giacomo Casanova.

The idea of the painting came up to me after I got some comments about my “bad” choice of personalities that I paint. Dan Bilzerian is a media personality who has over 22 million people following him, watching his extravagant lifestyle and secretly (or openly) wishing to be at his place at least for a day. However, there are also tons of haters who believe that he doesn’t deserve to be in art like many other controversial characters.

If we look back in history, we can see that personalities like Giacomo Casanova (who had no less morals than Bilzerian) inspired many artists, writers, composers. He was a so called “Hero of his time”. One of his portraits was taken as a model to create this piece. The original painting shows Giacomo Casanova holding the statue of a naked woman with a number of 122 on it. Is it a number of his love affairs? Doubt it. So I decided to leave it unnumbered on my piece. 🙂

Tags: oil art, oil on canvas, art original, artwork, Maria Petroff.


Maria Petroff oil art "Casanova"

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